Now me and Christian has set up shop in USA. We work from a small city called Corvallis, the city has around 50 000 people and around half of them are students at Oregon State University.

After a long flight we managed to get through customs at the airport and got pick up by Mike Zellman, VP of Business Development at Handheld. Mike showd us around and took us out for food and drinks. After this and a visit to the office to meet Amy Urban who is Director of Marketing me and Christian went home and passed out.

The next day we got the task to build our own office with desk, chairs, etc. This took a while but after a few (read many) hours we where done. After that we went to pick up our company car, the car was apparently in the work shop. How do you solve this? You solve it by taking a Mustang instead of the other car! Happy as few we felt that we should take the car for a drive and drove 56 miles (90 km) to Woodburn to buy some clothes.

After three days of work it was time for our first weekend in US. On Saturday we went one more time to Woodburn to buy some more clothes and on our way back we decided that we needed to join a gym. We found one close to were we live, Timberhill Athletics Club. This was a really nice training facility with squash, basketball, gym and pool. The only thing left to do nos is to actually go and work out at the gym. On Sunday we took the car and headed for Newport to check out some nice surf spots and we can tell that it looked nice! We will head out there next weekend to do some surfing.

This is all for now, see you again soon!