I recently got back from a wonderful vacation and thrown straight back into all the exciting projects and vital milestones that Q3 & Q4 entails.

First, I can gladly announce that Johan & I finished a rather large project, the ISO Certification Project. The ISO certification process was a great learning curve since we were exposed to the entire organisations internal and external processes. It’s also been a key milestone for a growing company like ours! The project took roughly 6 months and I managed the qualitative parts while Johan managed the environmental parts simultaneously. In Sweden we certified 3 companies, Handheld Group, Handheld Europe, and Handheld Scandinavia. Please let me know if you want thorough explanations on the actual organisational structure. While we can put “check” on the ISO project we have more projects under development and even more coming up. These projects involve new revolutionising products, organisational structure and lots more. This is going to be an interesting year 🙂

The next milestone is a move to the US in September. In roughly two weeks, Johan and I will catch the flight to Corvallis, Oregon to start a new journey at the Handheld US subsidiary.  More on this is coming up…