Hej Hej TraineeBloggen!

About Me

My name is Henry, and I am one of the new trainees to start at SKF. I am passionate about travelling, meeting new people, and I love trying to learn new languages (no success in being fluent yet though!). Up until 2011, I was living in the Middle Eastern country Qatar but came back to the UK to study at the University of Greenwich. Whilst at uni, I managed to achieve a FdA in Transport, Logistics Operations and Administration, my BA (Hons) in Project Management and finally, In 2016, I had graduated from Greenwich with a Masters degree in Engineering Management, and was hungry for my next adventure!

Graduation Day!


Que SKF…

Back in July, when a recruiter phoned me and gave me an “employee description” that a Swedish ball bearing manufacturer wanted, which included words such as “entrepreneurial mindset” “cross cultural experience” and “globetrotter” (no joke), I was baffled at how such an opportunity existed. Spiking my curiosity and excitement, I went along to the assessment day and wound up in the best job I have ever had!

Quite literally on my first day, I was sent to Heathrow Airport to join in on a 2-day business trip up in Scotland to get an understanding of the service industry that SKF has up there and meet one of our clients that we were working on a project with. Not a week later I was on a road trip to Wales with an Industrial Market Manager to join in with training for other customers at several different sites. when I got back it was only one more week before I was sent to Gothenburg, Sweden for the trainee induction month.

Gothenburg harbour at sunset

Wave 1 and 2

It was in Sweden that I have met some of the best people I have worked alongside. We spent a month understanding the ins and outs of SKF, what projects are being worked on, where the company envisions itself to be in the future, and where we, the trainees, could help. We were sent on factory tours and learnt about innovations that SKF are currently working on and were sent to foundries to see how the raw product was made. It wasn’t all work though, as when we had finished for the day, we all met up and had dinner, explored the city, joined in in escape rooms and got well acquainted with O’Leary’s!

Wave 1 and 2 Outside of the SKF HQ in Gothenburg

What the Future Holds

At the moment, everyone has gone back to their home unit, or have been sent on their first rotation… But that doesn’t mean the fun has stopped! I am currently operating in the Industrial Market (IM) Sales division in the UK, working on identifying current and emerging markets in the UK where SKF could use its world class products and in which industries to use them in, all the while still being sent out and exploring SKF around the world. In 3 months time, I will be back at Gothenburg with my friends, and then onto Belgium where I will be working in a world class logistics team.

SKF European Distribution Centre (EDC) in Belgium. This will be my second rotation placement!


This 18 month programme is everything innovators, team members, workaholics (with a social life) and of course, “globetrotters” could ever ask for. This is also why I love my job.


I hope if you read this and were interested in this post you leave your questions below, because I would be more than happy to answer them for you and let you about what it is like in the life of an SKF Global Trainee.


I look forward to updating you with more adventures in the future!