Yeeepp…my name is Honey and yes you spell it that way!!

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My name is Honey Shahraki and I will be one of this year’s trainee bloggers. I graduated 2015 with a M.Sc. degree in Business and Economics at Uppsala University. Before starting SEB’s International Trainee Programme, I worked for approximately one year as a Business Developer and Executive Assistant.

My home unit is part of the Corporate and Private Customers (C&PC) division and is under the business area Savings. Within my role I will primarily work strategically with developing our current and future customer offerings. The core of the work that we do at Savings is to provide our customers with the right preconditions in order for them to achieve their goals and dreams – today and tomorrow.

I look forward to share how it is to be a trainee at SEB and hope that you will see how awesome and fun it is! 

All the best!! 🙂


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Introducing the Big Boss



My name is Stefan Stanica and as you might know I will be one of the trainee bloggers this year. Short about me; I’m born and raised in Skåne in a “huge” town called Kristianstad. I have studied Industrial Management and Innovation Management at KTH and started the SEB International Trainee Programme directly after graduation.

So, what am I actually doing as a trainee?

I work within the division Large Corporates and Financial Institutions (LC&FI) in a unit called Client Account Management (CAM) as a project manager. My unit works mainly with the credit process for Large Corporates and Financial Institutions but also with regulations and digitalization.

I look forward to share my experiences during the trainee year with you guys and if you have any questions or thoughts do not hesitate to leave a comment.


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