After a brief introduction in our first post it’s now time for me to introduce myself a bit further. My name is Maja Larsdotter and I grew up in Umeå in the north part of Sweden, but I have lived in Gothenburg during my teens. I have studied at Stockholm School of Economics but wouldn’t say that I have the typical banking background since my bachelor’s degree was within Retail Management and I took my master’s degree in Media and Marketing Management.

So what do I then do at a bank? I work at the division called Life and Investment Management, with a focus towards Life, our Pension and Insurance business. I will not bore you too much by talking about pensions and insurance (that actually are rather interesting), but instead I’ll try to briefly explain what I actually do. My home department is Sales Development and it can be simply described as the link between our sales force/channels and the development of our offerings. Therefore we are involved in a wide range of different projects, which makes the work both continuously changing and challenging. Apart from the fact that I truly enjoy what we do, I also work within a great team and have amazing colleagues.

A good thing to know is that one of the trainee positions for this year is within my team and if you are one of those who have applied for it – you have made a great choice and the best of luck! And of course don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.