To those of you who missed the very first blogpost – this is my new nickname. Whenever I am not called Queen of Cards (which is never really), I go by the name Elin Glansén. I’m 24 y/o, born and raised in Borås, more commonly known as the rainiest city in Sweden. I moved up to Stockholm end of August last year, in other words I am quite new to the capital! I have a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering with specialization in International Business Engineering from Boras University, and a M.Sc. in Management and Economics of Innovation from Chalmers University of Technology.

I were recruited to SEBs international trainee program fresh out of school, and am now part of a dream-team who work with Strategic Development at SEB Kort. If you ever can love a job, lets just say that I am head over heels. The backside of that is that I could go on rambling forever about all sort of stuff related to what we do. But I figure that everyone are not as into payments as I am, so I will try to spare you and just tell you in brief about the areas for which we are responsible. To keep it very simple, you can say that the purpose of my department is to focus on what’s to come, rather than what is. To exemplify, this includes identifying, monitoring and evaluating payment and technology trends, new markets and non-existing services. In a team of 6, we propose upon a long term strategic roadmap, run proof-of-concepts, provide recommended strategic direction etc. Now how cool is that?! It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it. A team of professionals, all passionate about what they do and more than willing to jump in and brainstorm new ideas. Absolutely diverging from the stereotypical perspective on banking culture.

I look forward to continue and share my experiences throughout the year. And if you have any questions or thoughts you want to discuss, don’t hesitate to contact me! A dialogue is always more fun than a monologue.

Friendly reminder, it’s the last day of applying to the trainee program. If you haven’t done it yet, then get your butt out of that chair and get to work!