We are finally writing our first post for Traineebloggen, after having worked at SEB for 4 months and recovered from New Years. We thought it would be great to share our experiences with all of you whom are currently thinking of applying for a trainee program and maybe even our future colleagues.

Currently behind the keyboard are Maja Larsdotter and Jonathan Roos. We have been given the honor to introduce SEB’s trainee program and our fellow trainee bloggers.

Firstly, short and sweet about the trainee program. It spans over a one year period, where we spend 1/3 of our time at our home department, 1/3 at common training weeks with all trainees as well as doing individual courses and 1/3 of our time we visit different parts of the bank that are of interest to us. We are 25 trainees this year, almost all of which are in different teams around the bank. Fun fact about this year’s trainee group, 40% of us are engineers, a not well known but increasing trend. We are spread out over SEBs home markets. This year two trainees are located in Finland, two in Germany, three in Norway and 18 in Sweden. At the end of our trainee year we will all have visited our offices in Frankfurt, Helsinki, Oslo, Vilnius and one country that is of special interest to our individual department. Some of us may even have visited more countries. We have been given a great opportunity to understand how a bank actually functions and focus on our personal development.

Now, moving on to our seven wonderful bloggers whom will introduce themselves further in future posts. We have our designer, Niklas Fast, whose home department is Digital Banking and has studied at Hyper Island. Mr. Payments, Christian Bergqvist, whom is an engineer from KTH, currently focusing on the new Payment Service Directive. Honey Shahraki who stole our hearts but saves our money, she is from savings and has studied Business and Economics. Elin Glansén, the queen of cards, she’s an engineer from the west coast currently working with strategy at SEB Card. Big boss Stefan Stanica whom is working at Client Account Management with change management. He has a background from KTH. And now to the crème de la crème, Maja works with sales development at Life (our pensions and insurance department) and Jonathan works with business development of household mortgages. We have both studied at the Stockholm School of Economics.

In the coming weeks we will post around twice a week, sharing all the experiences we have had in this short but busy period at SEB and the rest of the year. We hope to give you a good insight into what we actually do as trainees at SEB.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the comment field below.

Until next time,

Maja and Jonathan