Hello Again,

It’s hard to believe that it have  been almost 6 months since last time I wrote here, time really flies. I’ve experienced a lot during this time. I spent two months in Germany in order to learn our supply chain planning processes hands on, two months in the factory supply chain organization in Gothenburg to work with the SAP implementation and finally two months in our global supply chain organization. A lot of new learnings and I get to meet a lot of great people.

After the months spent within our supply chain organization it was time for gathering weeks in the headquarter with a lot of trainings and presentations, we did also spend a couple of days with our new trainees.


All SKF trainees gathered in Gothenburg

I will spend the coming six months in Pune, India. Working within our purchasing organization, I am sure that this will be a great adventure and a learn full experience for me.

The SKF area in Pune is really beautiful with lot of trees.

Until next time!
BR, Sasan.